2019 New Year's Aurora Getaway, Suomi, lauantai, 29. joulukuu 2018

If you want to do something very special for New Year's 2019, this is it! The 4-night New Year's Aurora Getaway takes place around the village of Kilpisjärvi in Finnish Lapland. We will have special light conditions during the polar night. For several hours we have very moody light. Once darkness sets, it's of course about the Aurora Borealis.
The highlight will be New Year's Eve, we will have to chance to celebrate the New Year in two different time zones, hopefully with Northern lights in the sky!
In case you would like to stay a full week, there is an option to book three additional nights with aurora chasing.
Read more on the tour page:

Join me on this special photo tour and let's start the new year with nature's own fireworks!

2019 New Year's Aurora Getaway

Luovaa IPR-bisnestä

Luovaa IPR-bisnestä

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