2019 PADI Member Forum - Helsinki, Finland, Scandic Park Helsinki, perjantai, 07. kesäkuu 2019

PADI Member Forum 2019 promises to be an exciting and informative journey through the new, cutting-edge educational tools that have been added to PADI’s digital library. This Member Forum will be an excellent occasion to discuss the following topics: 

2018 Review

PADI in Nordic

PADI Standards & New Programs

Risk Management

PADI Marketing

PADI Travel

Project AWARE

Registration is free and recommended.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet up with other PADI Professionals and Members in your area and discuss issues you may need assistance on… or just enjoy the get-together with other key players in the industry.
For any questions, please contact your PADI Regional Manager, Kjell Evensen,
by email  

2019 PADI Member Forum - Helsinki, Finland

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