Aalto Package Design Symposium, Dipoli, Lumituuli sali, torstai, 10. lokakuu 2019

In a world of finite resources what are the drivers of change in packaging design? How to address sustainability and how to design for experiences and empathy? What is the role of packaging design when introducing new product types or entering new markets? We will address these questions and many more at the first Aalto Package Design Symposium. 
Keynote speakers:
Andrew Gibbs (US) Founder of The Dieline, Partner at A Plastic Planet, Climate Reality Corps Leader, Instructor at ArtCenter College of Design
Fumi Sasada (JP) Japanese award-winning designer, author, President and CEO of Bravis Internatioal
In addition we will hear insights from: Virpi Korhonen, Sense N Insight Markus Joutsela, Pack-Age, Aalto UniversityAvner Peled, Soft robotics and empathy, Aalto UniversityMaria Mikkonen, DesignBites, Aalto University

Aalto Package Design Symposium

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