Agile (PMI-ACP) Boot Camp @ 1000€ in Helsinki, Helsinki, maanantai, 26. marraskuu 2018

The PMI ACP® certification is a new credential offered by PMI for people working in Agile project management environments. Individuals obtaining this certification can demonstrate their level of skills in Agile practices. The process of earning this credential involves satisfying PMI’s eligibility criterion and passing a exam. The PMI ACP® certification from PMI carries a high level of professional standing and credibility as it requires a combination of agile education, experience on Agile practices and examination on Agile practices.The PMI ACP® certification is for anyone involved in any product development efforts that have a large amount of complexity and uncertainty. Obtaining the credential recognizes an individual’s skills in using Agile tools and techniques to successfully navigate complex projects towards satisfactory outcomes This Program fulfills the PMI® requirement of 21 contact hours which a PMI ACP® aspirant needs to have before applying for the PMI ACP® Certification examination. The Program also aims to train the participants to be effective Project Managers using Agile methodologies.
Workshop Benefits
At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

Understand the processes of Agile Project management.
Learn about the Agile Project phases, Agile life cycle and Stakeholders, Key Agile Management skills and the social-economic-environmental influences.
Learn about the key Agile Project management processes of Product Backlog, Sprint Planning, Sprint Reviews and Retrospectives,
Along with other factors such as Prioritizations using different techniques.
Learn about the Professional Responsibilities concerning Agile Project Management.
Learn how to use the recommended books by the Project Management Institute to prepare for the PMI ACP® examination.
Get guidelines on filling up the PMI ACP® Application form.
Ascertain their level of readiness for taking the PMI ACP® Examination.

Agile (PMI-ACP) Boot Camp @ 1000€ in Helsinki

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