AI and Machine Learning Excursion by Ompeluseura LevelUp Koodarit & Zalando, Zalando Finland, tiistai, 21. toukokuu 2019

AI excursions for women interested in programming continue this time with Zalando! This is the second time Zalando is hosting our group. This time it’s all about Machine Learning!
AI and Machine Learning Excursion on Tuesday 21.5. 17:30-21:00

Intro to Machine Learning
Want to dip your feet into understanding machine learning? Well, leave your laptops at home and come dive into our Intro to Machine Learning workshop! We’ll break the ice with a fun game called Celebrity Collaborative Filtering, and we’ll dive into the basics of machine learning. We’ll have activities to conceptually try out what you’ve learned, and we’ll share a case or two from Zalando. Beginners welcome - no coding experience required.

Program of the evening:
17.30 Doors open
18.00 Program starts
21.00 End
Pizza and drinks served for the participants during the event
Address: Runeberginkatu 5D (please use entrance D, opposite from Hertz and Kahvi-Charlotta)
See you soon!
Kind Regards, Zalando andFB community Ompeluseura Level Up koodarit P.S. As the seats are limited, please remember to cancel your ticket latest 2 days before the event in if you cannot make it. While booking the ticket, the system has automatically created you a user account, so just sign in using your email address and cancel your ticket to free it for someone else who is eager to join us!

AI and Machine Learning Excursion by Ompeluseura LevelUp Koodarit & Zalando

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