B3CF International Women's Day Event, Bulevardi 14, perjantai, 08. maaliskuu 2019

This event will highlight a future we can be proud of, illustrating the roles of women in the modern world as pioneers, innovators and mentors. Showcasing Leadership in Entrepreneurship, Arts, Sports, Governance and Finance, influencing change and innovation globally. As diversity of leadership changes, it should reflect on the future generations of young women.
Guest Speakers
- Sini Kunnas, Artist
- Jo Iwasaki, Investor Relations, Helsinki Capital Partners
- Peppi Stünkel, Community Creator, Innovation House Finland
- Reggie Rusan, Founder of SimpleTec Solutions
- Hanna Skyttä, Sales Director, Experiences Production Oy/ 3 X World Figure Champion

Dress Code: Business Casual
Registration: The event is strictly for B3CF () members and invited guests. Free registration. Wine and Cheese will be served.

Sponsored by Helsinki Capital Partners’, whose operation is guided by the company’s value proposition: “Asset management to be proud of.™ Everything we do at HCP reflects those values.” “And an organisation supporting diversity ensuring equal opportunities: rights and treatments to all”
In accordance with its values, HCP is privileged to sponsor the International Women’s Day Event, a present and a future we can all be proud of.
Join us for this premier event as we celebrate International Women’s Day.

B3CF International Women's Day Event

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