Book Club: Open Source Tools for Change Agents, Central library Oodi, tiistai, 19. helmikuu 2019

Welcome to the Book Club!
First SDN Finland Book Club meeting for 2019 will take place at Oodi's group room 3.
We will be discussing Futurice's new publication "Open Source Tools for Change Agents" from Hanno Nevanlinna, Risto Sarvas and Marjaana Toiminen.
The participants of the event get a copy of the book for free from Futurice. After registering you receive an email with further information.
"The book combines the Lean Service Creation tools as well as our customers’ experiences on utilizing them to accelerate culture change." More info can be found at
We'll introduce the content of the book and have a discussion of the topic. If you don't make it to pick up your copy of the book you are anyhow welcome to join the event.
Due to the nature of the event we can only host a smaller group, so be quick as there is only a limited amount of tickets.
The idea of the Book Club is to have casual meetings over pre-defined reading material, in order to motivate each other and keep each other in the know of various publications that are constantly coming out in the field of Service Design.

Book Club: Open Source Tools for Change Agents

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