Cash Flow Workshop, NewCo Helsinki, torstai, 01. marraskuu 2018

Cash flow workshop
Do you know how to create sufficient cash flow and forecast the cashflows?


Backroud for cashflow forecasting in SME's
Net Working capital
Forecasting liquidity and cashflow
VAT in cashflow forecast

Please bring your own laptop, we will be calculating some excercises in cash flow forecasting.
You will also get the Excel base for cash flow forecasting.

Lecturer: Johanna Vuorto-Honkola, TT Valmennus Oy

This course is held in English.

This effective 3-hour-workshop is suitable to acting entrepreneurs and also new entrepreneurs soon starting their business. Very valuable information but for NewCo customers free-of-charge!
Register now and reserve your seat, because there's room for max 30 participants.


Cash Flow Workshop

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