Coffee/Office Hours at Vendep Capital, Vendep Capital Office, tiistai, 05. marraskuu 2019

On the 1st Tuesday of each month from 2-4PM we invite you to join us for Coffee.
This will be an opportunity for early-stage founders to spend time with our investment team. Our commitment is to be honest, collaborative and transparent. Bring your questions and come prepared to whiteboard. 
RSVP is required and space is limited.

Coffee/Office Hours at Vendep Capital

RedRib Survival Suit Experience

RedRib Survival Suit Experience

perjantai 10. toukokuu 2019
Robotit ja tekoäly työkavereina

Robotit ja tekoäly työkavereina

tiistai 05. marraskuu 2019
Python Club
maanantai 18. helmikuu 2019
Workforce Management Day Helsinki
torstai 07. marraskuu 2019
Global PropTech Speeddate
keskiviikko 20. marraskuu 2019
Polarconf 2019
keskiviikko 16. lokakuu 2019
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