College Day Helsinki, International School of Helsinki, tiistai, 26. maaliskuu 2019

Want to study abroad? Then don't miss College Day Helsinki!
Come and speak directly to representatives from your dream college in the USA, the UK and Europe and attend informative presentations on topics like how to apply, the differences between higher education systems, financial aid, and more!

Which universities will be exhibiting at the fair?
Click here to view the complete list of exhibitors on our website. 

Can my parents attend the fair with me? 
Absolutely! Parents are encouraged to attend. 

Does everyone have to register?
Parents and students over the age of 13 are required to register. Children younger than 13 can also register, but are not required to. 

I still have a question that was not answered here. Where can I contact the organizers?
You can email us at - we're happy to help!

College Day Helsinki

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