Consumer Big Data Hack, Mainostoimisto doop, maanantai, 18. maaliskuu 2019

The Consumer Big Data Hack focuses on the development of businesses by utilising consumer-centric and environmental big data. More specifically, we are interested in what are the main attributes directing the movement of individuals in urban environments. From the business standpoint, we are investigating the phenomena within the early stages of sales funnels.

Home page: Consumer Big Data Hack

Briefing session: Monday 18.3. at Doop Oy (Kauppiaskatu 5, 20100 Turku)
Hackathon camp: Thursday 21.3. – Friday 22.3. (location to be announced)
Independent development: Friday 22.3. – Thursday 4.4.
Final event: Thursday 11.4. (location to be announced)

Big Data Hack is organised by the University of Turku as a part of Open DaaS project funded by the European Union.

Consumer Big Data Hack



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