Corporates in Tech Scene, Lapland Hotel Bulevardi, keskiviikko, 28. elokuu 2019

How Finnish Corporates Achieve Impact in the Innovation and Tech Scene

Exclusive for corporates in Finland - opening the dialogue with corporate leaders in the innovation and tech scene.

Bringing together corporations to reveal concrete strategies and use-cases on finding and partnering with new tech innovations and undergoing business transformation and renewal.

Sharing experiences and best practices on venture activities and innovation strategies based on discussions and collaboration with 200+ corporations across Europe.


8.30-9.00 | Morning coffee
9.00-9.30 | “There will be only two types of companies: Brave & Dead”

Paavo Beckman | CDO & Founder at Catapult

9.30-10.00 | Corporate case, ABB

Juho Vuorio | Innovation and Venture Program Manager at ABB

10.00-10.30 | Corporate case, KONE

Milla Saaristenperä | Director of an Internal Startup at KONE
Kristian Viinikkala | Head of Scouting and Accelerators at KONE 

10.30-11.00 | “Successful strategies and structures on corporate venture collaboration”

Michael Hanf | Executive Partner at Taival

11.00-12.00 | Networking lunch
12.00-13.30 | Round table discussions:

Corporate Labs
Venture Client Operations
Corporate Venturing

13.30 - 14.00 | “Learnings gathered from 200+ corporates across Europe”

Mikael Juntunen | CEO & Founder at Catapult


Visa Fristrom | Head of Partnership Development, KONE
Juho Vuorio | Innovation and Venture Program Manager, ABB
Mikael Juntunen | CEO & Founder, Catapult
Michael Hanf | Executive Partner, Taival
Paavo Beckman | CDO & Founder, Catapult

*** More speakers announced later.

This corporate event is inspired by the increasing demand for open dialogue between corporate leaders and innovators. The event is also fueled by the mutual interest between peers to understand how the biggest impact can be achieved in this domain.
With the rise of startup-corporate collaboration and venture activities came new challenges and questions. What are the best practices, structures and strategies for corporate venture collaboration? How to find the best tech innovations and startups for acquisitions, investments and partnerships? How to successfully undergo digital and business transformation?
It is all about hearing stories and learning from corporates across Finland. Concrete, hands-on, result-driven and transparent.

Throughout past years, Catapult has been in discussions and collaboration with 200+ corporations across Europe, learning how they operate in the innovation and tech scene and what structures are the most successful when building corporate venture strategies.
Proudly working with the industry-leading corporates across Europe in the following verticals: Banking, Construction, Healthcare, Transportation, Living Services, Manufacturing, E-commerce, Energy, Mobile, Insurance, Media, Food and Logistics.
During this event, insights on how large companies achieve impact in the world of innovation and tech will be shared. - An opportunity to hear first-hand from the industry pioneers and peers.

The conclusions and company-specific cases discussed during the event will not be utilized for marketing or any other public purpose.

Catapult | The easiest and most efficient way to find the best innovation & tech

Corporates in Tech Scene

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