Customer Success Workshop, The Shortcut, keskiviikko, 29. toukokuu 2019

Do you want to know how to implement a successful customer experience?


Customer service is of critical importance to your business because its key to retaining the business´ customer base and extracting more value from them.

Not only the product needs to be 10 times better than your competitors`, but your company's customer experience also needs to be better than the experience compared to your competitors.

Let's go to the world of Customer service skills

It is time to learn about

Customer Relation Management (CRM)

Communication Game

Managing High Level of Customer Service

Practice Techniques to Manage Difficult Customers

Greater Understanding of Your own Behaviour and Explore the Effect it may Have on Others.


A hands-on practical Workshop with 2 Professional Speakers (Head of Customer service and Claim advisor ).We will sort out practical care of Customer relation management. You will hear real-life experiences on what it’s like to be in the scene and what it takes to become successful


Customer success workshop welcomes anybody who wants to provide their customers better experience and maintain positive and long term relationship with their clients.

How does this sounds to you?

Customer Success Workshop

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