DADA goes RedLynx, Kumpulantie 3, torstai, 17. tammikuu 2019

This time DADA goes to RedLynx. 
If you are interested to see behind the scenes of RedLynx then this is your chance! Get to know how people starting their career in a gaming company and a general vibe in a gaming company.
What is RedLynx?
Pixel. Perfect. Gameplay. We've created over 100 games for all major platforms, sold over 10 million copies and had our mobile games downloaded over 60 million times. We are known for on point physics based gameplay, working closely with our community and supporting user generated content in a big way.

DADA:We aim to act as a bridge between the school and the industry. We conduct company visits, to build network and learn about their tools.If you are interested in such events, but are not a DADA member please register @ is welcomed to become a member of the association.

DADA goes RedLynx

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