10. joulukuu 2017 - 17:00 asti 18:30

Dining in the Dark with ESN Turku-Åbo, Suomi, sunnuntai, 10. joulukuu 2017

Ever wondered how food tastes when blind? Or how do you even manage to eat when seeing nothing? Dining in the dark allows you to get in touch with all of your senses – except one. The goal is to have an International Dinner blindfolded to experience all the flavours better and enjoy the people next to you by their stories, not by their look. The ESN Turku Åbo crew will be your waiters for the night and you all will be the chefs! You will be coupled up in pairs and help each other from walking to the dining table to tasting the meal in front of you. Not only will you experience how it could feel to live with a disability but also learn to take consideration and find solutions to help each other. Bring something you prepared or bought that is typical from your country and the list of ingredients, so we won't give it to the people with special diets. ALSO, something to blindfold yourself :)

The goal of the event is to promote ExchangeAbility, and bring to light the challenges students with disabilities **** every day.

"ESN developed the ExchangeAbility project to make our organisation accessible for students with disabilities, to help remove obstacles to participation in exchange and promote the opportunities available."

Remember that sing up is binding and closes 8th December so tell your friends and quickly reserve a spot through this link:
- same link is also published in the event, both work!

This event is part of the Erasmus Student Network's Social Inclusion Days! #SOCIALinclusionDAYS

WHEN: Sunday 10th of December at 17.00
WHERE: Q-talo, Nummisparkgatan 2
WHAT: Dining in the Dark
WITH YOU: some food you made or bought from your country, list of ingredients, a blindfold and your friend!

Dining in the Dark with ESN Turku-Åbo

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