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How to hack for more exposure on Instagram?
Increasing the reach in one of the most over-saturated social media platforms, Instagram, can be extremely difficult but very rewarding. In this workshop on next Waffle Wednesday, Lana Rynty talks about Instagram algorithm, how it works and a few simple hacks for achieving better exposure.

What is Instagram algorithm?

How does Instagram algorithm work?

Simple hacks for achieving a higher reach

Lana Rynty is currently working as a marketing manager at Deel. Her passion for Social Media, particularly for Instagram, began while growing and experimenting with her personal account that accumulated over 18,500 engaged followers. While working as a marketing manager for a former comedy app, Lifeslice, she discovered and harnessed the power over community building, social reach and viral videos. One of the videos Lana was responsible for, The Floor Is Lava -challenge, reached almost half a million Facebook views and was featured at Helsingin Sanomat.

Easy Hacks For More Exposure On Instagram

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DPA Training

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