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Is my idea good enough?Should I quit my job and launch a startup?Overwhelmed with “expert advice"?No idea what to do next?Looking for your first customers?Need to test traction?
Any of the above familiar?

Join our Tuesday workshops, we will teach you how to answer those questions with a simple framework.
We start by identifying your potential customer and teach you how to test if they will buy your product, for how much and why.

90% of startups fail. Why? Because they start building products without knowing the above information.
You will leave the workshop with an understanding of the basics of Lean Startup and you will be ready to conduct your first experiment.

Come and learn how to launch a Lean Startup. We give you the theory and tools to kickstart your startup.

9:30-9:35 Coffee and chat
9:35-10:50 Lean & Validation Basics
10:50-11:00 Break
11:00-12:00 Customer Personas, Interviewing Basics, 20 ways to get customers.

Hosted by Oki Tåg and Steven Balliano

Operated together by #digirockstars and Microsoft Flux.



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