Game Jam 2.0 with ManoMotion & Oulu Game Lab , Oulu Game Lab, keskiviikko, 13. helmikuu 2019

ManoMotion and Oulo Game Lab presents: Game Jam 2.0
ManoMotion has developed a gesture-recognition and hand tracking SDK which enables able anyone to use their hands as controllers. Now we want to give that SDK to the talented students and developer community in Oulo during the Game Jam 2.0! We are also happy to host our friends from Osaka and Tokyo!
Build up your team, learn the possibilities of our SDK and build simple & catchy mini-games with our technology which has to potential to reach millions of users via App Store or Google Play.
ManoMotion technology is offered in a Unity SDK so you can build directly for your iOS or Android smartphone. All you need to do is bring your laptop computer with the latest version of Unity and you are set to develop.
Register for the event here at Eventbrite and then join the Game Jam 2.0 Discord channel here for all the info.
13th of February 201914:30: Doors open, organizing teams & registration15:00-16:00: ManoMotion introduction tech & aim + rules of Game Jam 2.016.00- 17.00 Brainstorming session 17:00 Official Game Jam 2018
14th of February 201915.00: Teams showcase 24h progress
15th of February 201915.00 Teams present final application

FAQ- Registration is required so we can give you access to the SDK. Complete the registration via Eventbrite and after that you will receive instructions via email of how to get access to the technology.- Participation is free of charge- Food and drinks will be served to the participants- All registered participants will receive tutorials, documentation and expert know-how regarding how the ManoMotion SDK works and what can be developed with it. Sign up directly to make sure to grab your spot at the event!
Welcome to Game Jam 2.0!Team ManoMotion & Oulu Game Lab

Game Jam 2.0 with ManoMotion & Oulu Game Lab

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