Girls' Coding Club, The Shortcut, keskiviikko, 16. tammikuu 2019

Learning to code used to be hard, lonely and mostly done by boys. Not anymore!

Girls' Coding Club is a weekly meetup for self-identified women who want to learn to code together.
This is not a school, this is a club where we get together and learn without teachers (except for special occasions). There will be enthusiastic women striving for the same goal as you.

We believe in getting our hands dirty.
Girls Coding Club uses the FreeCodeCamp curriculum built to grow your knowledge and skills little by little.
The aim is to get started with the basics of coding and then support each other to keep going. Each week you will work on different topics going step by step through HTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript.

If you feel like a girl, you are motivated and committed to learning, then the doors are open to you!
Come with your laptop whether you have zero experience or some skills under your belt!

We’ll meet again starting January 16, every Wednesday from 17:00 to 19:00 at The Shortcut Lab in the Maria 1 startup hub (here’s a video that will help you find the place: )
*You only have to register once to join the Club.
Note: If you sign up and can't attend, remember to cancel your registration by sending an email to with the subject: "Girls' Coding Club cancellation", so we can give your seat to another person.

Girls' Coding Club

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