15. joulukuu 2017 - 20:00

Helsinki Decompression 2017, Suomi, perjantai, 15. joulukuu 2017

Decompression is a carnival of creativity, co-creation, community and people – to bring together Art, Performances, Workshops and Music.

We gather to decompress the weight of everyday life. Together, you, me and us will create this immersive party free from norms of reality and limitations of imagination.

Tickets 30€ –

*** Entry only with presale ticket! ***
Doors open on Friday at 20:00 and Saturday at 14:00
Wristbands are exchanged on both days until 24:00
Age limit: 18, except family-friendly event on Saturday 14:00–20:00. Children up to 12 years for free with their parents.
BYOB: No sales of any kind at the event
Communal bar: Donate drinks and food and take some

All participants are encouraged to contribute in the magnificence of this experience. This contribution can be for example in the form of:
)'( interactive art projects
)'( free hugs
)'( a trolley for give-away smoothies and an army of friendly drinks
)'( improvised performances or just a silent place to meditate.

Big or small, smooth or wild! ALL ideas are welcome.

Creativity is not a performance sport. No one will rate your contribution, nor will it be demanded from you. You are welcome to participate just as you are and you are free to contribute just in the shape and form you feel comfortable with.

Sign up for program:
Sign up to perform:

We are doing our best to accommodate everyone, but please be noted that due to space and time limitations some applications may get rejected.

If you are interested in helping out with the production or organizing program, please join this group:

More info: see posts below and

Contact: helsinkidecompression@gmail.com

Helsinki Decompression 2017

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