Helsinki English Comedy Night, Hard Rock Cafe Helsinki, sunnuntai, 24. maaliskuu 2019

English stand-up comedy in Helsinki! Hard Rock Cafe Helsinki is proud to present an evening of English stand-up comedy with Reginald Bärris!

Reginald Bärris is an American stand-up comedian currently living in Vienna. Bärris is one of the front-runners of Austria's English comedy scene and is one of the fastest rising up-and-comers in continental Europe. After 2 wildly successful European tours in 2018, Bärris is making his Finnish debut in Helsinki on his new "Treat Yourself" tour! The shows have sold out all across the continent, so make sure to get your ticket now so you don't miss out on the fun!

Doors Open: 20:00

Show Starts: 20:30

Helsinki English Comedy Night

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