Info Webinar: Take the leap, learn more about the Hofstede Insights network, Suomi, tiistai, 27. elokuu 2019

In this webinar, our CEO and a member of our network will present Hofstede Insights and how it can help you connect your expertise with the cultural knowledge and practices of Hofstede Insights.
The webinar will last about 20-25 minutes and will be recorded. 
1- About Hofstede Insights 
2- The Hofstede Insights Network 
3- Example from a network member
4- The curriculum and learning path
5- Conclusion and questions
About Hofstede Insights
Anchored in rigorous academic theory, we can reflect on over 30 years in business and the thousands of companies we have helped to become truly global.
Our data-driven analysis pinpoints the role and scope of culture in your organisation’s success.  Our network of expert consultants blend this knowledge with a deep human insight. This unique combination delivers unrivalled results, time and again—powerful interventions that unleash transformative change. 
About our Network of experts
With over 100 certified consultants in 60 countries, our highly selective network of culture and management consultants possess extensive professional experience and knowledge on how to implement culturally sensitive management practices, align working practices with strategic goals and help with creating organisations which have the Best Culture to Perform. With proven cases from working with brands such as GE, Novartis, TUI, Unilever and many more, Hofstede Insights brings organisations from international presence to true global effectiveness.
More information on the network: 

Info Webinar: Take the leap, learn more about the Hofstede Insights network

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Radikaali rehellisyys -päivä

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