Workshop For Scientists and Researchers: Focus Tool, Suomi, torstai, 17. lokakuu 2019

Discover the Focus Tool, part of the collection of artificial intelligence. The Focus Tool helps researchers speed up the process of their literature review by using smart algorithms to narrow down a broad list of potential papers to a narrow and focused reading list of the most relevant content to your up to 78% of your time spent on compiling a reading list for your literature review with a 99,8% confidence level. In this workshop, get exclusive access to the premium-only tool to create your first mapping study using our sample database or a collection of your own papers. Narrow your reading list using customized criteria, analyze time saved, and export your list for later use.
Conference link will be provided 24 hours before event start.
Important: You must have a registered Premium account to participate in the interactive portion of the workshop. If you don't have a Premium account, you are welcome to join but won't have access to all presented features. Please contact if you have any questions about this event. Workshop For Scientists and Researchers: Focus Tool

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