Lesbians Who Tech & Allies Montreal 5 à 7 + Summit Livestream, Cafe-bar Kafein, torstai, 28. helmikuu 2019

(La version française suivra)Please join us, as early as 5pm on Thursday February 28th, for a local Lesbians Who Tech +Allies 5 à 7! We’re looking forward to starting the year off right, building more connectionsacross our community and continuing to collect input on the kinds of events you’d like to seeover the Winter and into the Summer season.--DETAILS--Date/time: Thursday February 28th from 5pm til lateLocation: Kafein café-bar, downstairs at 1429A Bishop St. (Guy-Concordia metro station)Formula: Come meet your fellow community members over beverages, and a livestream of theSan Francisco Lesbians Who Tech SummitCost: Free entry, drinks range from $6+Looking forward to seeing you all!Chantale and Juanita,City Leads, Lesbians Who Tech & Allies Montreal***Joignez nous dès 17h le jeudi 28 février, pour un 5 à 7 Lesbians Who Tech + Allié.es ! Nousvoulons bien commencer l'année en contribuant à développer les connexions dans notrecommunauté, tout en recueillant des renseignements sur les genres d'événements que voussouhaitez voir pendant l'hiver, menant à l'été.--DÉTAILS--Date/heure : jeudi le 28 février de 17h au petites-heuresEndroit : Café-bar Kafein, sous-sol du 1429A rue Bishop (station Guy-Concordia)Formule : venez rencontrer vos paires dans la communauté, style 5 à 7, en observant unprojection de l'événement sommet Lesbians Who Tech à San FranciscoCoût : entrée gratuite, verres à 6 $+Au plaisir de vous voir en grand nombre !Chantale et Juanita,Directrices du chapitre Montréalais Lesbians Who Tech et Allié.es

Station Guy-Concordia
This venue is not accessible to wheelchair users.
No ID required.
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About Lesbians Who Tech + Allies
Lesbians Who Tech + Allies is the largest LGBTQ technology community in the world -- committed to visibility, intersectionality, and changing the **** of technology. The 40,000 non-binary, LGBTQ women, ***** women of color (and our allies) in tech who make up our community come from every background and live in over 40+ cities worldwide. Over 5,000 women and non-binary people in tech attend our San Francisco Summit, making us the largest professional LGBTQ event in the world and the largest event for women in tech in California. Our programmatic work includes a coding scholarship for non-binary and LGBTQ women called the Edie Windsor Coding Scholarship Fund, a mentoring program, Bring a ******* to Work Day, and a leadership program -- #LWTSQUAD -- focused on supporting our members as they move into senior leadership roles and onto corporate boards. We're not just creating communities; we're pushing the tech sector to be more inclusive and changing the **** of the entire tech industry.
To learn more go to Lesbianswhotech.org

Lesbians Who Tech Press

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What it’s like to be a ******* in Tech // Fortune 
Second Annual “Lesbians Who Tech” Summit Ups the Ante // Autostraddle 
At Lesbians Who Tech, Silicon Valley is here and it's ***** // DailyDot

Lesbians Who Tech & Allies Montreal 5 à 7 + Summit Livestream

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