Meet SEMrush in Helsinki for a Digital Marketing Workshop. , ROBA LOUNGE, tiistai, 22. tammikuu 2019

You are Invited!SEMrush is coming to Helsinki and we'd love to meet you!
We will be hosting a workshop exclusive for SEMrush customers, where we will talk about Competitive Research and Market Analysis.
In highly competitive environments like the modern marketplace, obtaining accurate and timely data can make the real difference between keeping tabs on, getting ahead of, or being left behind the competition. Thanks to SEMrush tools, Big Data technologies and machine learning algorithms, we can give you an opportunity to look at your rivals marketing strategies and tactics from several perspectives and angles.

Why should you come?
If you would like to learn new tactics to improve your site, and tools to help you achieve rapid growth, this workshop is for you!
In this workshop, you'll learn about…

How to Snoop into Rivals Marketing Strategies
Search for Gaps
Evaluate Partners and Prospects
Develop a Go-to Market Strategy

By the end of this presentation, you'll have actionable ways to use your SEMrush account to quickly gain an improvement in your rankings, visibility and ultimately, your bottom line.
We'll also share some of SEMrush’s latest tools and how to add these to your digital marketing workflows.

Workshop hosted by Fernando Angulo
Fernando is the Head of International Partnerships at SEMrush with over five years of practical experience in online marketing within our team. He has represented the company at numerous industry conferences and events globally like, SaScon UK, SMX PAris, Prestashop Day Spain, PPC Masters Germany, Baltic Ecommerce Poland, and he was an outstanding moderator of the prestigious Brighton SEO.
As an active member of the SEMrush marketing team, Fernando specialises in B2B search marketing, e-commerce, competitive intelligence and influencer marketing. During his sessions and workshops he immediately engages audience with his energy, sense of humour and a lot of practical examples and real cases.

Instructions to the venue: 
The entrance to the Roba Lounge is through a gateway which is situated opposite to the Etola store. You will see the sign Roba Lounge (also the sign Karaokebar Swengi) just next to the gateway. Walk straight through and you will find Roba Lounge’s door to the right hand side of the entrance of the Karaokebar Swengi. The door has got a sign saying (B-Rappu= B-stairway)
Roba Lounge is on the 3th floor and the entrance is at the top of the staircase right in front of you the grey coloured door with sign Roba Lounge II. 

We would love to get in touch!
Do you have questions about this workshop? Would you like to reach out to the SEMrush team and book a meeting with Fernando in your office? 
Contact our team ( or Fernando directly to talk about the details. 

Reserve your spot today, space is limited!

Meet SEMrush in Helsinki for a Digital Marketing Workshop.

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