02. helmikuu 2018 - 21:00

Mindcore | Angerfist, Suomi, perjantai, 02. helmikuu 2018

Mindcore is thrilled to present to you the strange man in a mask aka. Angerfist.
On 2nd of February 2018 we will be celebrating his 6th solo album "Creed of Chaos" in the legendary Kaivohuone, Helsinki.

Upholding a musical legacy that’s sustained itself for over one decade, notorious ‘man in the mask’ Angerfist is, without a doubt, the supreme pioneer in Hardcore music.
Dropping hit after hit, this trailblazer has created numerous famed anthems that have sustained their eminence through an ever-changing industry.

Boasting an extensive discography that contains five stellar albums, Angerfist has deservingly taken out the highest ranking for Hard Dance artists for three consecutive years, and he is currently ranked #40 in the DJMag Top 100 list.

Shaking down the sturdiest of venues with ferocious Hardcore beats, Angerfist’s performances are packed with dynamism, strength and an extraordinary atmosphere that leaves visitors shattered to the bone.


Angerfist (Masters Of Hardcore, NL) Creed Of Chaos Showcase
Dyprax (Masters Of Hardcore, NL)
Dave Dope (Industrial Strength Records, Partyraiser Records) (NL)
Waily (Industrial Strength Records, Mindcore)
Skitzofrenik (Mindcore)
Machina (Sc@rred Digital, Mindcore)
The Finnishing Dutch (Mindcore)
Riia (House Of Hard Music)
Lilith Dj (House Of Hard Music)
Mileena Dj (House Of Hard Music)
Criss (Mindcore)¨

Hosted By MC Da Mouth Of Madness


Tickets available at Biletti.fi,

• Regular 28e (+2e)
• VIP 38e + (+2e)

VIP ticket includes:
- VIP entrance line
- Own VIP area
- Own VIP Bar

This event is likely to be sold out, get your tickets while they last.

Extra lights by WL Entertainment.
Sound by Precision Audio Premium2 double sound system.




Angerfist (Masters Of Hardcore, NL)

Dyprax (Masters Of Hardcore, NL)

MC Da Mouth Of Madness

Dave Dope (Industrial Strength Records, Partyraiser Records) (NL)

Waily (Industrial Strength Records, Mindcore)¨



The Finnishing Dutch


Riia (House Of Hard Music)

Lilith (House Of Hard Music)

Mileena (House Of Hard Music)

Criss (Mindcore)


We like it Hardcore.

Mindcore | Angerfist

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