My Startup Debut - Digitalization Edition , The Shortcut, maanantai, 27. toukokuu 2019

Do you want to know more about careers in Startups and what is happening in the Finnish Startup ecosystem?
The startup ecosystem in Helsinki is thriving. More and more opportunities within startups are presenting themselves for ambitious people.
It’s your chance to:• find out if entrepreneurship is for you• discover your inner entrepreneur• meet inspiring people in the startup ecosystem• get answers to your questions about the entrepreneurial journey
There will be a panel discussion with 3 speakers including a Q&A. Also joining us will be a startup founder, a startup employee and one person from the startup ecosystem will give you a 360 degree view of startup life insights. All three are very influential within the startup ecosystem in Helsinki. You will learn about the idea of how startup-life looks, inspired by pioneers in the area and have networking opportunities.
My Startup Debut welcomes anybody – with or without experience – to dip their toes in the water of the startup world. You will hear real-life experiences on what it’s like to be in the scene and what it takes to become successful.

My Startup Debut - Digitalization Edition

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