Network After Work, Ework Group, keskiviikko, 20. maaliskuu 2019

Join us for coffee and interesting  speeches - and of course networking!
On March 20th 2019 we are holding a Network After Work event at Keilaranta, Espoo at 15:30-18:00.
The schedule of the event:
15:30-16 Coffee, networking
16-16:20 Ework: Workstyles - a new way to evaluate competences
16:20-16:50 Why customer lifetime value is important and how to use advanced analytics to estimate itSpeakers: Rokas Šalaševičius, Partner, Civitta Lithuania & Tuomas Virtanen, CEO & Partner, Civitta Finland
16:50-17 Questions and answers
17-18 Salad and networking
You are free to invite your colleagues to the event as well. However please remember to sign up to the event.
The sign up to the event is free of charge. However please notice that the signup is binding due to limited amount of participants.
Please sign up to the event latest on Wednesday 13.3.2019.

Network After Work

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DPA Training

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Elina Björklund 27.3.2019

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