24. toukokuu 2018 - 9:00 asti 14:00

Pitching Skills Workshop by David Beckett, Suomi, torstai, 24. toukokuu 2018

When it comes to getting attention to your ideas or yourself, pitching is everything. Sales professionals and event organizers are expected to present their ideas in a clear and convincing way. Everyone needs pitching skills. We want to impress at job interviews and when negotiating with partners and customers. A great opportunity for pitching can arise any moment, so be prepared and make your pitch perfect!

MPI Finland is proud to bring an international pitch coach David Beckett to Helsinki. Our mission is to provide event professionals with the best possible education. Several MPI members have already met David at the European Meetings and Events Conference in Spain last year and truly recommend his workshop.

Pitching workshop at a glance
· Hands-on pitching techniques
· Theory and practical tools
· Peer to peer pitching

Who is it for:
Sales people, event planners, project managers, professionals looking for new career opportunities

What will you achieve
Win more opportunities and grow your business
Become confident in pitching and presenting your ideas
Update your pitch to the next level

About the coach:
David Beckett is an international pitch coach, who has trained over 600 Startups - and between them, they've raised over €140 Million investment. He's also trained organisations in the MICE industry, such as Visit Oslo, Innovation Norway, Visit Brussels and the Uppsala Convention Bureau, as well as over 7000 people at major corporates. David has spoken and trained in over 20 countries, is the creator of The Pitch Canvas© and the author of the book Three Minute Presentation.

09:00-11:00 – Pitching Workshop
11:00-12:00 - Lunch and networking
12:00-14:00 – Workshop continues

Participation fees:
MPI Member - 39 eur
MPI Student Member - 25 eur
Non-member - 159 eur

Pitching Skills Workshop by David Beckett

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