RIOT Summit 2019, Aalto Design Factory, torstai, 05. syyskuu 2019

RIOT is the friendly operating system for the Internet of Things. RIOT is the friendly operating system for the Internet of Things. If you cannot run Linux on your device due to constrained hardware, use RIOT! RIOT explicitly implements the idea of an open Internet. It supports all relevant standards and is distributed under open source license. You find more details on
Over the last six years, RIOT has been emerged as one of the agile and state of the art operating system for the IoT. It’s time to meet ****-to-****! The RIOT Summit aims for bringing together RIOTers, beginners and experts, as well as people interested in the IoT in general and decision makers who plan to deploy RIOT in the future. The event combines plenary talks, hands-on tutorials, and demos. The Summit will not only inform about latest developments, but will also help to gather feedback from the community to shape the RIOT future.
More details about the Summit are available on

RIOT Summit 2019

ICMA Spring Conference 2020

ICMA Spring Conference 2020

torstai 07. toukokuu 2020
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Perffitestauksen Filosofia Helsinki

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