Starting a company infos Autumn 2018, NewCo Helsinki, keskiviikko, 12. joulukuu 2018

Are you considering Entrepreneurship?
Starting a company infos are for everybody who are planning to start their own business in the Helsinki region and want to know more about entrepreneurship.
Infos in English are held usually once a month.

Introduction of NewCo Helsinki services
Business idea 
How to start a business?
Forms of enterprise
Taxation; VAT and prepayment of taxes
How to prepare Business Plan
How to apply Start up –grant from TE-services

Each info has the same topics.
Info starts at 1 pm and lasts about 2 hours. It is free of charge.But register here online first! Select a date that best suits you.

After registration you will be sent an email to confirm your participation.
Please participate first in the info before arranging a meeting with Business Advisor! So that the meeting can be spent best discussing the particular needs of your business.

Starting a company infos Autumn 2018

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