06. helmikuu 2018 - 15:00 asti 18:00

Startup Jobseeker's Toolkit, Suomi, tiistai, 06. helmikuu 2018

Looking to change tack in your job-hunting approach this year? Join an exciting event organised by The Shortcut, Luckan Integration and Maria 01, designed with adventurous jobseekers in mind. Pick up some top tips for optimising your chances at landing a job in a startup or reinventing yourself as an entrepreneur.

The event will include a host of inspiring guest speakers from the industry and practical tools for helping you to sharpen your application including a LinkedIn CV Clinic topped off by a networking opportunity to close the evening.

Watch this space for our finalised schedule and full list of guest speakers and activities.

Please note that click going on Facebook is NOT enough, please register through this link:

Startup Jobseeker's Toolkit

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