Sustainable Brand Index™ Awards 2019 - Finland, Sofia Future Farm, maanantai, 08. huhtikuu 2019

Welcome to a festive afternoon that marks the launch of the 2019 official results of Sustainable Brand Index™ B2C. Sustainable Brand Index™ is the Nordics' largest brand study on sustainability.
Who will be this year’s most sustainable brand in Finland according to the Finnish consumer?Over 160 consumer brands across a variety of industries in Finland have been analysed on sustainability. Get access to the most relevant sustainability insights and be the first to know who will be the most sustainable brands of 2019 in Finland.
15:00    Registration15:30    Welcome & Introductions - Background & Purpose of Sustainable Brand Index™15.40    About Sustainable Brand Index™16:00    Trends & Development on The Finnish & Nordic Market16.20    About The Ranking & Past Results16.35    The Top 10 of 201916:45    Award Ceremony: Finland´s Most Sustainable Brand 201916.50    Winner Presentation17.00    Conclusions17.10    Mingle
More details will be announced soon. 
DETAILSDate: Monday 2 April 2019Time: 15:00 - 18:00Place: Sofia Future Farm, HelsinkiLanguage: English & Finnish

Please remember to join or cancel in your food waste footprint is:
> 1,91 kg CO2 (= 13 km with the car)> 658 liters of water (= 13 showers)

Sustainable Brand Index™ Awards 2019 - Finland

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