TALK THE TALK FINAL 2018, Helsinki Music Centre, maanantai, 12. marraskuu 2018

Talk the Talk 2018 finds and coaches the next generation of public speakers and presents them to the world. Ten fresh talents will be trained by today's top-notch professionals: Jari Sarasvuo, Baba Lybeck, Bruce Oreck, Armi Toivanen, Reeta Vestman, Elina Aalto and Kai Bäckström.
The whole program culminates at the final event at Musiikkitalo, where our talents perform with passion, shine in storytelling, share personal stories, and make you laugh and invited to enjoy the show when both the talents and coaches take the stage on November 12th at 6 pm.
THE EVENT IS FREE OF CHARGE. Registration is needed, so secure your seat now!Last year, the final attracted 400 listeners at the event and over 7000 live stream viewers. This year we're breaking the stereotypes of public speaking even bigger - join the movement with us!
More information about the event will be published soon, but in the meanwhile check out  The Talk - building the next generation of speaker superstars.#talkthetalk18 Follow us on Facebook:  us on Instagram: 


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