Tech Research Showcase, Terkko Health Hub, keskiviikko, 27. maaliskuu 2019

Many great startups have a special secret ingredient: they are based on research. This gives them a strong competitive edge compared to other players in the field.
At Tech Research Showcase, selected researchers will get to present their research to an audience of over 100 high-performing and experienced industry and functional experts. After the pitches, there is plenty of time for networking. 
Are you a researcher?
Applications for researchers to pitch are open until March 6th at . You have a great opportunity to present your research, find co-founders and collaborators and even secure an investment. 

Tech Research Showcase

DPA Training

DPA Training

keskiviikko 27. maaliskuu 2019
Elina Björklund 27.3.2019

Elina Björklund 27.3.2019

keskiviikko 27. maaliskuu 2019
Python Club
maanantai 18. helmikuu 2019
Men's Custom Suits in Espoo
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College Day Helsinki
tiistai 26. maaliskuu 2019
Extending Design Realities
tiistai 28. toukokuu 2019
Radikaali rehellisyys -päivä
lauantai 13. huhtikuu 2019
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