Tech Research Showcase, Office, torstai, 24. lokakuu 2019

Many great startups have a special secret ingredient: they are based on research. This gives them a strong competitive edge compared to other players in the field. Joining a research-based project is one of the best ways to start a company if you haven't identified a large problelm that you want to solve yourself.  
At Tech Research Showcase the top researchers in Finland present their research to an audience of 100+ top industry experts and founders. The goal is to promote the development of research-based startups through matchmaking with team-members, collaborators, advisors, companies and investors. Our view is that researchers should team up very early with pre-founders from business, tech and design to accelerate the development of a potential research-based company.  €50-350k in tech companies starting from the idea-stage and we've invested in several companies we've first met at the Tech Research Showcase.
Many of the teams that have presented at Tech Research Showcase have gone on to find co-founders, collaborators and other help from the event. has also made several investments into companies that have presented at the Tech Research Showcase such as Finnadvance that develops Biomimetic Chips and Hurricane Unwinder that predicts and downgrades Hurricanes. 
The event is free and open to attend for community members. If you're not a community member you can sign up for a "guest ticket" on this page and apply to our community here: 

Tech Research Showcase

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