The 'East Meets West' Music Gala 2019, Helsinki Conservatory of Music, lauantai, 07. joulukuu 2019

The 'East Meets West' music gala brings together an array of music performances that highlights the interesting dialogues between Chinese, Finnish and Western Classical music. 
Be enthralled by an evening of exciting music exchanges where Finnish and Chinese musicians play music from each other's homeland. The concert will also feature the Erhu (a two stringerd traditional Chinese instrument) to be performing with Western instruments interpreting both Chinese and Finnish folk melodies.
Some programme highlights include Chinese folk pieces - Butterfly lovers' Concerto (梁祝), Jasmine flower (茉莉花), Race Horse (赛马),弯弯的月亮 . Popular Finnish songs including folk song taivas on sininen ja valkoinen and famous tango Satumaa. Classical Western pieces by Chopin, Schubert and many more!
We are honoured to invite and feature renown musicians such as Juhani Aaltonen and Linda Hedlund, to name a few as invited guest performers for the evening. 

Artistic Director: Jeremy Wing Kwan Wong

The 'East Meets West' Music Gala 2019

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