The Wander Woman Immersion Retreat @ Helsinki!, Yoga Base Helsinki, perjantai, 23. marraskuu 2018

Are you ready to clarify your life goals? Do you have limiting beliefs you need to get rid of? Are you ready to build emotional self-mastery and better habits, and acquire the tools to reach your amazing goals?
If it’s a ‘**** yeah!’ we would love to see you join the Wander Woman Immersion Retreat in Helsinki on 23 November 2018!
This pioneering event is all about strategies, tools and support required to reach that next level in your life. The event is designed to give you a wealth of insight into clarifying life goals; building personal power, healthy mindset and habits; acquiring mega confidence; and finally, creating your recipe to living a fulfilling life.
This event is for women who are
-       Ambitious high achievers, working in a corporate or entrepreneurial environment
-       Hungry for self-development
-       Ready to put in the work to create their own success
-       Honest to identify weaknesses to unlock change
-       True Wander Women who do not settle for less
The Wander Woman Tribe was born out of the personal mission to create supportive environments for likeminded, ambitious women to come together for community, connection and collaboration. The Tribe aims at helping 1 million women (yes you read that right!) to live their absolutely best lives. The Tribe is not only about showing up for ourselves, it is also about showing up for others. We want to create a space for women who are interested in developing themselves, who love to collaborate and who can see far beyond themselves, understanding and appreciating the fulfilment there lies when we give and contribute to others as well.
This event is a real-life experience to get closer to what you want in life. The event is brought together by Anna Kuusela, the founder of the Wander Woman Tribe and the author of the Wander Woman Playbook. She brings her decade worth of experience in management consulting in London City, working side by side with some of the most prestigious CEOs of our time. About five years ago, Anna deep dived into the world of personal development and has not looked back. She started coaching individuals and businesses three years ago when she noticed people were lacking the necessary habits and skills to achieve their goals. Anna is truly passionate about helping others to create their own success and she herself is a testimonial of personal transformation: finding spiritual alignment in the buzzing city of London and realising her own dreams one by one. Today, Anna is a successful entrepreneur, business strategist, coach, author and inspirational speaker; and keeps building her toolbox, most recently graduating from the Tony Robbins Mastery University Programme with psychology and techniques that are unparalleled. Anna typically works with high net worth, ambitious women, so this is your chance to get close to advise that is usually only offered to the few.
This event gives you a real time access to the Wander Woman Tribe and the founder in a completely immersive and interactive way. We want to show you how to create:
-       Goals that make you jump out of bed each morning
-       Thorough understanding how to create and sustain a healthy mindset to keep you motivated even when the going gets tough
-       Tools to establish habits that make you come closer to your dreams and goals – while enjoying the journey there
If you are ready to master yourself AND your life, the Wander Woman Tribe is here for you. We want to meet you. Come and experience first-hand what it feels like to take the driver’s seat in your own life.
Spaces are limited so act now!
Good vibes only,
XO Anna, Founder of The Wander Woman Tribe

FAQ - Please read!
Where and when is the event?
The event is held at Yoga Base, a beautiful studio in Vallila, Helsinki at Paijanteentie 7. We start promptly at 5pm so please arrive on time. Remember, how you do anything is how you do everything. We will finish around 8pm so you have time to relax and enjoy the rest of your Friday evening.
What is included in my ticket price?
The content – and there will be plenty of it! In addition, you will receive the Wander Woman Playbook, signed by Anna if you’d like J There will be refreshments but please make sure you have your energy levels high up, so we can focus on working like bosses.
Where can I buy my ticket and how much does it cost?
The ticket costs €40 (exclusive of VAT). This is amazing value for your investment. The tickets can be bought at Eventbrite, please find the link at the information section of this event. Please note the tickets are non-refundable.
What happens after I buy my ticket?
Well, first of all, thank you for purchasing your ticket, you rock! We will be sending you a confirmation email and other materials prior to the event. There is no need to print your ticket for the event, we will have your name on the guestlist.
What do I need to bring to the event?
Yourself – wholly! Please make sure your brain is switched on J Also, take your notepad as this is an event where you want to be taking plenty of notes.
Can I bring a friend?
Yes, absolu-WANDERWOMAN-lutely! We want to see as many likeminded women as possible! Please share this event information with your friend so that they can purchase their own ticket.
Is the event held in English of Finnish?
The event will be held in Finnish; however, all presentation materials will be in English. In case you want to attend but do not speak/understand Finnish, please contact the organiser so we can discuss options.
Who else will be there?
This event is very exclusive: only likeminded, super ambitious women will be joining. This means you! The Tribe is all about creating s supportive environment for connection, community and collaboration so we will be learning from each other as well! 
How can I tell others about this fantastic Tribe?
The Wander Woman Tribe can be found at Instagram @WanderWomanTribe and Anna is @msannaquuu. Please note this is a pioneering event and we are working hard on the platform. You will be notified amongst the first when we launch in 2019!

The Wander Woman Immersion Retreat @ Helsinki!

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