Tuomas Pirinen: Form Follows Function, Helsinki Games Factory, tiistai, 12. helmikuu 2019

Welcome to Tuomas Pirinen's lecture and workshop "Form Follows Function" brought to you by Games Factory Farm League
Place: Games Factory ArenaTime: 12.2.2019 at 2-3:30 PMThe event is filmed.

Background info:
Pirinen has worked in key creative roles on multiple console games with total sales in excess of 20 million copies.He is the designer of the world’s largest Fantasy wargame expertese includes all types of game design, from Consoles to iOS and PC to handheld all the way to the pen-and-paper games, as well as in wide variety of genres from Strategy to Action-Adventure, racing, RPGs, RTS and shooters. He has served as a Game Director, Design Director, and Producer on various titles from triple-A to pen-and-paper games with over 17 years of experience. Some of his main credits include Warhammer for Games Workshop, Need for Speed for EA and Driver for Ubisoft. Currently he is mentoring the Farm League and works as CCO at Reforged.

Tuomas Pirinen: Form Follows Function

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