06. heinäkuu 2018 - 18:00

VI Sieravuori SUP Masters 2018, Suomi, perjantai, 06. heinäkuu 2018

VI Sieravuori SUP Masters is part of the SUP EuroTour 2018 racing series

Time: July 6-7, 2018

4500€ prize money

Location: Sieravuori Holiday Resort, Eura Finland

Friday July 6th:
- Registration 7-9PM
- Skipper's meeting at 9PM
- Midnight Sun Beach Race 10 PM (Offial race this time!!)

Saturday July 7th:
- Skipper's meeting 11AM
- Long Distance Race 12
- Prize giving dinner ceremony 6PM

Sunday July 8th:
- spare day

Elite Men 14'0
Elite Women 14'0
Open Men 12'6
Open Women 12'6
Boys U16 12'6
Girls U16 12'6


link will appear here in January
Please notice that registration includes:
breakfast, beach lunch and dinner on Saturday

Room reservations:

Closest Airport: Turku 60 km TKU
Closest major airport: Helsinki 190 km HEL
There will be NO transport from any other Airport!

Closest harbor: Turku 70 km ( 4 daily ferry connections from/to Stockholm )

More info: jari@laakso.fi or +358 40 823 1245

Here are some links of the past Sieravuori SUP Masters events:

VI Sieravuori SUP Masters 2018

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Network After Work

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