Waffle Wednesday: Improv and public speaking, Wonderland Work, keskiviikko, 13. helmikuu 2019

Anyone can become a great public speaker. Anyone can learn how to reduce stage fright and how to connect with the audience.


Ever heard of improv? Yes, that is the crazy thing that actors do - also Elina Aalto has been doing it for over twenty years. But improv is not only for actors, it’s for everyone. You can actually become a better public speaker by using the principles of improv when practicing and performing.

Our speaker Elina Aalto has a Masters degree in acting and over 14 years of experience in coaching public speaking, communication skills and improv.

If you want to challenge yourself and use improv tools on your way to becoming a great public speaker, save the date: 13.2.2019 at 9am!

Hope to see you there!

Event will be held in English.

More info about Elina:

Waffle Wednesday: Improv and public speaking

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