Waffle Wednesday: Sustainability as a Business Strategy, Wonderland Work, keskiviikko, 27. helmikuu 2019

Imagine a restaurant without a trash bin. The first Zero Waste restaurant in the Nordics, Restaurant Nolla, has shown that it could be possible.
Come and hear, how these zero-waste practices could be used at your home, office or business.

Carlos Henriques, a co-founder of Restaurant Nolla, will join us to discuss about sustainable business strategy. In his opinion, by reshaping our companies to be more sustainable, we are changing the world to be a better place, and getting ready for the future. Henriques reminds that this business model is not only more sustainable, but also more profitable in the long run. The reduction of waste means reduce of costs.
He also thinks that we can truly change the restaurant business if instead of fixing problems, we start solving them.

On the morning of 27th of February, we invite you to discuss about the three key elements of this strategy; Profit, People and Planet, and how to reduce waste & create a valuable circular economy.

Carlos Henriques studied hospitality management and quickly discovered his passion for cooking. He ran a successful catering practice in his native country Portugal and has gained experience from top restaurants around the world. In Finland, he has worked at the renowned Michelin-starred establishments Chez Dominique and Olo. Before opening Nolla, he opened and ran restaurants as Executive Head Chef at the Royal Ravintolat restaurant group.

Event will be held in English.

Waffle Wednesday: Sustainability as a Business Strategy

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